Thursday, April 3, 2008

How come fat girls always have..., and skinny pigeons always need a ride? I swear every time I come across a girl on AirG with a hot ass pic you can bet she gonna ask me to pick her up, but if she say she can come by, its gonna be like in Friday when the chic that say she look like Janet Jackson ends up lookin more like Freddie Jackson. Why is it that fat girls can roll out but skinny broads are grounded??

This is a question I would like answered but I doubt it ever will be. People will just say the typical bullshit, like, "she HAS a car, but she doesn't want to USE it." (<<~~ Thats called 'wishful thinking'.) Or someone might get defensive and say, "well I have a car, and I'm beautiful, I guess I am in the minority etc etc." That kind of attitude could mean only one thing ~ ~ ~ >> SINGLE MOTHER OF 2. Whole other animal to tackle right there.

I know some guys is feelin me on this issue too, so fellas feel free to out a pigeon for being cute with no car, or prop a bird on having a ride and a reflection thats easy on the eyes.

Thats all for now... except for Papacito909 had his name come up in a report filed today about a child custody case. Sandra7 was claiming he is a "bad guy" who "only looks to meet and sleep with girls." How out of the ordinary.

Word is she only made him wait 2 weeks. Guys get at it, she a ho and I doubt she pregnant. Props out to Papacito909 for getting a girl so angry after she fucked him that she went and told a random AirG personality about it, and outted herself. I dunno all the specifics but if I find out more I will let you know.


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