Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Providers" and "Enablers"

You know I'm good for a rant every now and then... (I kno, more now than then)

So them "provider" hoes on AirG been gettin on the big homie's last nerve lately, steady beggin' for money, needing favors, "offering services" and what not... I know it's pretty much a part of any chat service, dammit I was chatting on AOL 2.5 back in 1994, so you kids ain' doin' nuthin new; there been hoes online for over a decade now.

The thing is, there are TONS of websites already set up for this. I would list them out right now, but I won't give out free promotion to hoes & their trick communities on my blog. Big SMH. And with AirG not really want'n to do anything about it, I may as well speak on it 'cuz I'm the only one who could say some real shit ( how AirG needs to either require you to be 18 to chat, give kids limited access, or slpit the site so that kids are not in a room where cussing can get you locked out but little girls sellin they pussy slips under the radar.)

To be real 'bout the shit, I blame the whole idea of "the hookup". Once they made AirG a pay site that one person can afford for another, it made it so a clever individual (male or female) figure out that hot pics of cute girls could mean you could chat for free.

To this day ya boy S*W*I has never once given a hookup or boost card in any denomination. Miss me with that bullshit. Miss me with that "it ain trickin if you got it" talk too. I still ain ever understood how someone could repeat some dumb ass shit like that as if it made 'em cool, and I ain ever seen anyone who said that shit have more than $100 to they name anyway.

So "providers"... do what you do but realize ur advertising for tricks on (basically) a pre-paid phone chat, where members only need 50 cents to chat.

And you "enablers"... meaning you tricks, wannabe pimps, boost card buyers, #pin#number#pimps#, thumb thuggin' your way to the top... ur all lame as fuck. Get some originality.

Impervious to bullshit.

The Sicilian Kiss

Cuz Italians get there when we get there

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