Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So I got banned... again...

For a month this time, dayum.

Seems like every time I get into it wit sum1 my thumbs get the better of me... I just say waaay too much in that room for the "Community Patrol" of Air-G(ay) to handle. They ain' ready for a creative smart ass like me... I test the limits of those "auto-rejection" programs. Guess this time I got caught. Shucks.

Anyways I wanted to come on here and write a lil' bit, since I havent really updated in a while and being the man that I am, I can't let any of my blogs fester. I'll be loading a few new links to some albums, movies, or beats that I think are dope, maybe even some beats I did myself. Haters are welcome to come try and outdo my-shit... just know from the jump you can never be as Sick~Wit~It on the beats as the Original.

As ever, if you have any requests you can PM me on the chat, or leave me a message in my email. Matter of fact I should go check that in a min...

And dont be suprised if you see "ENFERMO" on alot more... just one of the ways I gotta subvert the system.

Holla at me.
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