Friday, June 20, 2008

The homie is selling his system...

Yup... `bump in ur ride like no other with three 12-inch Kicker Solo-Baric Subwoofers...
06 Kicker L7 S12L7 D4 4 Ohm Subs come in a cutom box built just for this setup.
Here is a pic...

Not to be outdone the real gem of this system is the Autotek MX-5000 amp, a classic with 1 x 1200W @ 1 Ohm or 1 x 2400W @ 2 Ohms bridged power.
Here are some pics and links to the specs as well...

Autotek MX-5000

That last pic is to give you an idea about the sizeof the amp, the white sheet is a piece of printer paper. The dimensions of the amp are about 8 &1/2" wide + 22" long + 2 &1/2" thick. It is widely respected as a classic power amp in many auto-sound enthusiast circles.

So anyway, if you are interested, you get three $150 speakers, a custom box, and a $1000 amp, all for $700 bucks. Good deal right?

He is also selling his car too. $6 G's... holla @cha boi!


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