Sunday, August 17, 2008

The FAKES in the Room

I seem to see this all the time. A few people who communicate on the internet that like to embellish the facts about the lives they live off the web. Now it always seems to give me a laugh & at the same time make me wonder... Is that person really a ho? Are they just tryna make a ho's phone ring? Is their life that boring? Are they 12?

Understand, I have some experience in this area. I advertise many things over the internet as a trade and I know that a great many advertisements for women are run by men . Hell I'd say 80% of those types of ads are more than likely, men. Seriously. That reply you just got? = From a Dude. That girl-ish, 'flirty' message that ended in "call me?" ~~>> typed by fingers with hairy knuckles. I seen it happen.

And NO, they aren't mine own. lmao

And its not just the "chat-stitutes"... there are the thumb thugs, the chat pimps ("chimps"), the pin-number-4-a-pic peddlers, the too good 4 u "model hoes", the cam girls, the rewind/repeat reloaders, the pervs, the etc. etc. etc. I laugh @ all of them.

When will people learn that this has all been done before? This mode of "forum style chatting" is so old, its over a fuckin' decade old. There was back in 1994. Go to the website, its all been taken down. All thats left is a moderated forum. Whats the difference between "bianca" and "airg"? Not much. Just that AirG is mobile chat and was so old that it required you be in front of a computer, typically a desktop. This was back in the dial-up days, but people still said too much about themselves on that chat service too.

So what can we learn about this? What life lesson can we take away from those people that insist they really live in a mansion and are the pet girlfriend of Tom Sizemore?

Either its someone with no life, or....

Its absolutely tru... or

Its just internet chat... stop being so worried about anyone's "status".

Shout out to my inspiration, all u fakes out there.

P.S.>> Tom Sizemore pays for it.
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