Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Main Problem with Mobile Phone Chat Pics

Girls who are fat look better with less pixels.
Example: her name is "dABo0ty-iiS-PhAt", but there are tons of girls tryna get away with this as well. Most phones dont have the same resolution of a home computer. Here are the pics...
Not bad right? I mean her name is "dABo0ty-iiS-PhAt," but them perky chesticle's that are lookin mighty nice... slim arms... what looks like a waistline... and all-in-all she doesnt look THAT bad. Quite possibly a possibility, right?
Here is the same pic... but how it shows up on the computer...

Now you see reality. What you thought might be a 140lb waistline just jumped up into the 175lb range. Them "slim arms" just became beefy. And that "perky" chest got mo' sloppy.

Its no offense to Ms. "Bo0ty-iiS-PhAt" or the men that love her. Im just sayin, the resolution foolin you thirsty muthafukkas into flooding females mail up to the brim!

So guys, please stop being so thirsty with the ladies. As you can see, alot of what you see is not REALITY...

"Bashful381" ~^^^pro pic & whats \/\/backstage\/\/

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