Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Murs - Murs_for_President

Murs - Murs_for_President [2008]

01 01:48 Intro
02 03:54 I'm Innocent
03 04:00 Lookin' Fly Feat. Will.I.Am
04 04:55 The Science
05 03:43 Can It Be (Half A Million Dollars and 18 Months Later)
06 03:34 Everything
07 04:13 Road Is My Religion
08 05:02 Soo Comfortable
09 04:55 Time Is Now Feat. Snoop Dogg
10 04:01 Think You Know Me
11 03:58 Me and This Jawn
12 04:32 Love and Appreciate II Feat. Tyler Woods
13 04:22 A Part Of Me
14 04:08 Break Up (The Oj Song)
15 04:06 Breakthrough

Total: 61:11 min

If you are asked for a password, mail me. I don't think any of these versions have passwords:

After my first listen to "Murs for President", Im of the opinion that this is a somewhat lackluster performance, considering "3:16" is (in my opinion) a 4.5 mic classic. His last release, "Murray's Revenge", was an album that got heavy play in the Lincoln and on MTV 2.

I like Murs and his message, like on "The Science", dropping knowledge about Oscar Blandon and the Nicaragua-CIA cocaine connection to Freeway Ricky Ross & the crack explosion on the LA Streets in the 1980's. Problem is the track itself, while filled with knowledge, isn't as hot as I would have hoped for.

I hope this record does well, since as I said I appreciate what this man is doing to further hip-hop, so yes I will be going out to purchase it. If you wish to support Murs, I suggest you do the same. When listening tho, don't expect something magnificent, this album is merely decent.

Come harder next time Murs.


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