Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I was just talking to this one chic, Im sure if you are here looking at her, you know who she be. Now I KNO...putting any thought towards web chics is kinda pointless, since who knows if she even a chic, but fuck it...... if she be puttin all this time & effort into bein a fake chic on the net, she just as sad. I can feel justified in analyzing her pic.

Now the REASON I'm taking the time to do it is cuz I think this is a stripper's outfit, not no dayum pool party. Peep the payphone in the background. You know strip clubs always got a payphone in the stripper room. Plus, thats a mirror with a folding chair in front of it. Perfect for application of outfit #2's matching eyeshadow. And last... in the stall right next her.... doesn't that look like 2 lil stripper feet in some platform stripper shoes? I rest my case.

This chic tried to say she was @ a pool party. Gimmie a fuckin break. Lyin ass "Imsocute88".

Remeber who you dealin wit?

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