Saturday, September 6, 2008


I dunno how they let this shit go on like they do. I mean forreal we have a community of about 1500 people, 1000 of which are young kids, and they let these girls sell they ass as if it came as part of the plan. Web-hoes were part of the game since the start.

And I know its a fact that they were. I remember AOL having the same problem. Some rooms would just be PACKED with webstitutes, especially the "General Talk" section. Hoes & Bots, Hoes & Bots. At least AOL required a CREDIT CARD, meaning you had to be 18 to sign up. I dont see how Airg can become any different, seeing as its free, but at the same time, Airg min age........14. They ALLOW 14 year old kids to come into a community where selling your pussy goes along UNPUNISHED. If thats not tragic............

And the fun part is that Airg has written in its code of conduct ~ thou shalt not use "Airg Hot Talk Etc. for commercial purposes." They OUTLAW SELLING ANYTHING! What does pussy not count?

Get it together Airg, or else you will become as fun for us as Yahoo Chat. We make ur site... ~*~Sick-Wit-It~*~ 4 MOD

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