Monday, September 22, 2008

Why I can't like a Republican...

Case closed.

If only I could get another screen-shot minus the "M4M Massages" posts by Fontanam4m, but who cares. Not too many ppl read this blog anyways. And anyone who does knows how gayed-out the ~*~Cali Room~*~ is @ times.

There ARE other reasons I dislike republicans as well, this is just indicative of the main one. Its the ignorance. Ignorance like how some ppl think Obama is actually of arab decent, cuz the spelling is close to "Osama". Im suprised they even know how to spell. For the record Obama's mom is from Kansas and his pops is from Kenya.

Ignorance that they think Sarah Palin did anything in Alaska. All she ever did? Forget to mother her daughter, allowing her to get preggers with some hockey guy's baby. A guy who can give a fuck about it. What a "hockey mom." And dont try to bring up the pipeline.

Ignorance about the economy, bailing out big-time banks when the banks themselves wrote crappy loan requirements, and any part-time accountant could have monitored the system and seen that most mortgage brokers from 1999 to 2006 were submitting loans they KNEW to be fradulent. One reason I quit being a mortgage broker. I have never met one that I didnt think was ethically inconsistent.

Anyways, I love the United States, I just hate the ignorant ppl in it. Step your mind up. And John, call ur ppl. The racism smear campaign won't work, I'll make sure of it.

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