Thursday, October 9, 2008

[CLASSIC] Sublime - Sublime [Deluxe Edition]

Disc 1

  • "Trenchtown Rock"
  • "Doin' Time" [Original Mix]
  • "Wrong Way"
  • "Paddle Out"
  • "What I Got"
  • "Pawn Shop"
  • "April 26, 1992 (Miami)"
  • "Santeria"
  • "Seed"
  • "Jailhouse"
  • "Caress Me Down"
  • "The Ballad of Johnny Butt"
  • "Under My Voodoo"
  • "Burritos"
  • "Same in the End"
  • "Get Ready"
  • "What I Got (Reprise)"
  • "Garden Grove"

Disc 2

  • "I Love My Dog"
  • "Superstar Punani"
  • "April 26, 1992 (Miami)" [Alternate Version]
  • Previously entitled "April 26th 1992 (Leary)"
  • "Saw Red" [Acoustic Version]
  • "Little District" [Acoustic Version]
  • "Zimbabwe" [Acoustic Version]
  • "What I Got" [Alternate Version]
  • "Doin' Time" [Uptown Dub]
  • "Doin' Time" [Eerie Splendor Remix featuring Mad Lion]
  • "Doin' Time" [Remix by Wyclef Jean]
  • "Doin' Time" [Remix by Marshall Arts featuring The Pharcyde]
  • "Doin' Time" [Marshall Arts Instrumental Version]
  • "April 26, 1992 (Miami)" [Instrumental Version]
  • "Caress Me Down" [Instrumental Version]
  • "What I Got" [Instrumental Version]

If you dont have this already I suggest you catch up. I had to post it cuz one of the homies said she lost her Sublime collection. I gotta hook her up. And since Im such a nice guy...the following is a link to a complete (and I do mean COMPLETE) Sublime Discography from one of those type of fans who still sniffs the ball-sweat from a pair of Bradley Nowell's draws that he dug out of the grave... may he rest in peace.
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