Thursday, October 16, 2008

So, you wanna be a Gangsta?

That pic is the after-effects of a shotgun blast to the left rib. You can see some bone exposure, its that shiny white hole in the middle of the meat.

A good friend of mine is working as a resident doctor at Martin Luther King Hospital in... well... does it really even matter what city? Almost every MLK Hospital I know of is hood and missing 1990's and maybe even 1980's or even 1970's equipment. Anyways he keeps sending me these crazy ER horror pictures and attached story. I thought this one would be good for a blog.

This gentleman, 32, was at a liqour store one night looking to get a pack of cigarettes when some "actual" gangstaz showed up. The 2 guys walked in to rob the place.

They both had on ski masks. One had a 12 gauge, the other an AK. Both a set of angry lookin eyebrows. Our gentleman said he hit the deck, put his hands behind his head, and basically put himself in the most non-threatening pose possible. Very ungangsta.

Gangsta dude with the AK told him to stand up. He asked for his name. He wanted to find out what set or clique he was from. The guy with the shotgun was strong-arming the clerk. The guy, our "gentleman," said he was scared out of his mind. He didn't know anyone from the local gang, cuz most of the guys from the local neighborhood were either doing time, were dead, or were just gone, so he didnt have much to tell the robber.

Just then the robber with the shotgun got angry with the store clerk. He went to punch the clerk in the face with the butt of his shotty when it let loose. Our gentleman was obviously hit. He doesnt remember much else, other than the 2 guys yelling at each other, and the store clerk, and him, then running off. He said he remembers them yelling back at him "dont be mad!" that he had "earned his stripes." He said he didn't even know if they were successful at their robbery.

This is the sort of shit that I find pointless. G'z back in my day used to have a plan. Now they shoot innocent bystanders, just so they can say they were involved in some g-shit. Shooting a guy who ain't lookin for stripes is very ungangsta. Shooting a random someone who is on their knees, trying to get back home to they family, very ungangsta. Fingers slippin on the trigger, ultimate in un-gangsta.

G'z back in the day didn't slip.

If ur reading this, ur prolly not very "gangsta." Gangstaz dont have computers, much less understand HTML or web addresses.

So remember wannabes, one day a real G may show up, and that is the last thing you want to see happen. Cuz if he is there to shoot, its gonna be on purpose and he ain't gonna miss.

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