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Israelis Take Over Hamas' TV Station

By Noah Shachtman EmailJanuary 05, 2009 | 9:02:09 AM

Israeli Defense Forces took over Hamas' Al-Aqsa television station over the weekend -- the latest blow in a increasingly-sophisticated information war over Gaza.

The channel became infamous in 2007 for broadcasting a children's show featuring "Farfour," an anti-semitic Mickey Mouse look-a-like. But the Israeli military considered al-Aqsa to be a serious enough propaganda threat that the station's main studios were hit on the second day of the latest air campaign against Hamas.

According to Israel's Channel 10, the IDF hacked into Al-Aqsa Sunday, and began broadcasting an animated clip of Hamas' leadership being gunned down. "Time is running out," the clip warned, in Arabic.

The day before, AFP reports, a "broadcast on Al-Aqsa television was interrupted with an image of a ringing phone that no one was answering." 'Hamas leaders are hiding and they are leaving you on the front line,'" a voice in "Hebrew-accented Arabic" said. Similar messages were sent out on Al-Aqsa radio, as well.


Atrocious what they are doing. Both sides. I am sympathetic to all suffering parties during war, but in my opinion, Israel has been more to blame for the shady activities of late. The only reason I respect what some of the militant muslim groups do is because they do not try to justify their actions to the global community as Israel does. Hamas & Hezbollah only care for their own people, nothing wrong with that.

To me, when someone tries to justify the questionable things they do, most of the time they are trying to convince themselves that what they are doing is right, not the other parties. Somewhere deep down in their heart of hearts some Israelis have to believe that the way they are treating other human beings is wrong, especially for a mere difference of religion.

Let them live in peace, and perhaps they will let you live in peace.

One love ya'll


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