Friday, July 30, 2010


So apparently, pending an "investigation," the screenname ~*~SICK-WIT-IT~*~ has been banned indefinitely from AirG chat & services.  I got banned about 2 weeks ago now, when I noticed I could no longer log in as I typically have done over the last 6-8 years. I just got off the phone with AirG a couple minutes ago and this is what they told me:
  • I am permanently banned
  • They do not have a reason why, but I am banned nonetheless
  • As for STEREOTYPICAL, that screenname is not banned
Now  I recorded the majority of the call just in case anyone wants to hear what the customer service rep had to say (or if you wanted to hear what I had to say to them).  I was considering immediately publishing it on the web, but I think I will give AirG some time to figure out if they want to keep their #1 active member off the site or if they want to come to their senses and just let me do what I do since its not really that malicious anyway. I mean seriously, there is enough online prostitution and racism on their site that they could use their efforts in more productive areas, but hey, if they want to investigate/justify their banning of me, I will definitely let the public know about how they like to repress a person's 1st amendment rights by hiding behind ICANN precedents.  Not only did they change my password, they are actually blocking STEREOTYPICAL forum threads from being viewed publicly in the "General Discussion" areas of the Forum.  Nice job Mods... you just made it plainly clear that you have singled me out.

So the struggle with Big Brother continues. Not only am I not that surprised that they do not have a reason charted for my ban, I am not that amazed that they left my profile up for you all to see.  I mean dayum, YOU CAN STILL COMMENT ON MY PROFILE!  So please, love me or hate me, leave me a comment on my SICK-WIT-IT profile. If you support the 1st amendment / free speech or you just hate my opinion in general, I cant moderate it at all, so trust me it will stay up there, for better or for worse! Guess Im married to AirG now!

Stay tuned!
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