Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Censorship in 2011

     So here is a screenshot of a forum thread my girl made.  And below is what it got her.

     I guess AirG VIP is a "touchy topic" these days.  I guess it should be too, seeing as how my girl got temporarily banned for her opinion about an hour ago, and I got permanently banned for my opinion 5 days ago.  I wonder what the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms section 2(b) would have to say... oh wait... I dont have to.
     Now if you dont want to read that link, it basically says Canada has the same thing the 1st Amendment guarantees.  I know most people who read my blog are American anyways. Happy 5th of July btw... I hope your hangover is as ample as mine :)
     Back to the issue, you cant just ban someone temporarily, then building on to permanently, on a website.  Its considered harassment. Especially when this same site permanently allows use by hookers, drug users, sex addicts, inmates, teenagers and some not-so teenagers.  I can think of another product that got sued for promoting itself to be used by cool & hip young people, was highly addictive, and had lethal side-effects.  I guess time will have to tell on the last one though, since the internet is not as old enough for quantified long-term analysis as say, cigarettes.
     Not that I would sue AirG either.  I would really just like to know why my opinion is so hated by this company, just as much as they would probably want to know why I have such a hard-on for their website.  But hey, if there are any Constitutional Attorneys that would like to hear more on this, feel free to contact me... lol
Here's looking at you kiiid!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More About Online Prostitution...

     The way chat sites see it, there is not much for them to do about how people conduct themselves on their site.  As we all know on AirG, there is the occasional ban (a whopping 15 minutes), and repeated offenses can get you even longer periods in virtual time out.  But how does AirG address major chat concerns, like children accessing the same material adults view, when adults (if anyone at all) should be the only ones who should be able view it?
     Personally I have been looking into this issue for some time now. I have been a member of AirG Chat for over a decade, and I have been witness to how they have changed their approach.  At first, they adopted a rule we have here in the USA called the 1st Amendment, and you could cuss up a storm in a public chat room without any fear of reproach.  Once chat decency became an addressed issue for online communities, AirG adopted the "Vote to Ban" option, which allowed users to voice their dissent with someones speech by voting to keep that person off the site or out of the chat room.  This approach alleviated AirG of the responsibility of actively policing their website by putting it on its members, yet it caused a sort of mob mentality, and people would vote someone out of the room based solely on how their chat buddies felt about that person.  This led to many people being upset, some members left, and AirG was forced to find another way to change how people chatted.  This is where AirG Community Patrol came in, and especially on AirG, "Freedom of Speech" has never been the same.
     AirG CP is a program that blocks certain strings of letters from appearing in succession. So when you type the word FUCK into the box and hit ENTER, all you end up seeing is the typical "****" block out of the word. This worked for abbreviations as well, so FK, FUC, FUCC... all were banned at some point.  You would also receive a warning for trying to communicate using these sort of words, and just like when other members voted to ban you, a member could be temporarily locked out from the service for repeat offenses. 
     The main problem with this sort of censorship is that it has been overused.  Take for example the word BLUNT. This can be a term referring to how someone acts as well as a drug reference.  How can a program which is only built to block certain words be able to tell the difference? Especially since the use of the word to describe how someone acts is so benign? It can't. Which is another reason AirG (as well as other chat sites that don't mind censoring its members) have to take a good look at their position on censorship.
     This brings me back to chat decency.  How can a company that promotes itself to youthful members be only concerned with the decency of the chat and not the morality of it all?  Don't they go hand in hand? When I see a female profile post something like "Guys get at me for pay2play $$$," and I report the post to AirG, those members seemingly never get punished for solicitation.  I see them in there (the room) posting that shit for hours on end, and I know Im not the only person reporting it.  Yet when I post "NOT TO BE BLUNT, BUT HO THERE ARE KIDS IN HERE. FIND A NEW SITE," I get banned within seconds.  Even right now, I am locked out of my account and I have not said anything indecent or immoral.  About 10 minutes ago I was commenting on AirG's new roll out of their "VIP" program, and yes my comments were not very positive (they charge $2 a week so you can have some BigBarnWorld plots and some new emoticons), but should I have been locked out?  Is this virtual harassment? All I am really trying to accomplish is to get this company to decide which side of the line they want to be on, because you cant promote yourself to kids without proving how safe the environment is for them to be there.  And its not safe for kids when they see hookers posting their available services and johns posting their available spending limits. 
     Pick a side guys.  Either you are totally free from censorship or you do a respectable job of policing your website.  By the way, I got the big bann for my comments today.  Locked out with no timer.  My best guess: its personal.


P.S.>> Anyone know why AirG's 866 USA Cust. Svc. number is disconnected?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bad Meets Ǝvil - Hell: The Sequel

     Since I have been reading on the web that it is "Bad Meets Ǝvil" promotional week, I guess I'll leech a little bit of traffic from Em and Royce. Plus this is music for the summer, so like usual, my favorites are on my mixpod thing.  No, "Lighters" will not be on there. 

Stay Fly,

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Heat Lose... Told Ya They Wouldn't Win

    When its Game 6 of the NBA Finals, somebody's life is at stake. Maybe not literally, but your reputation is definitely on the line.  Back at the beginning of the season, the Big 3 of Miami said they would perhaps be bringing multiple championships to the city.  Perhaps that will have to wait, along with Dwayne Wade and Lebron James using the court for repairing their reputations.
    The Dallas Mavericks shattered all the bandwagon ball-hanger dreams of the "Heat fans" (aka Lebron James dick riders), not to mention the mass amount of online free press that they would have given him if the Heat would have won.  The sickest part about it was the fact that James was literally a non-existent player in every 4th quarter, watching the demise while Wade and Bosh did what he could to help the team.  The disappointment tonight was capped off when, with about 4 minutes left in the game, the Mavericks were able to get an offensive rebound and a tipped ball out-of-bounds to run about a minute and a half off the clock, and then convert a basket to build a 10 point lead that would never be in question.  James' 3 with about 1:54 left was followed by an ill advised attempt, and it seemed to me that he played as if he never wanted the pressure of the moment, a feeling that has repeated itself game after game against the Mavericks.
     I just wanted to say told ya so. :) I also just want to say that I was, and still am, amazed at the arrogance of it all.  You cant just "buy" an NBA ring.  You might be able to mirror what happened in Boston, when Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen came to join Paul Pierce to win that first year, but they weren't out there saying they were going to win 5-peats before they had played 1 NBA game together.  They were humbly excited. There was fanfare, but there was no circus.  And when they won, it was with dominance. Not muscle dunking dominance, but dominance through execution, defense, and shot-making.  And that's exactly what Dallas gave the Heat a dose of all thru the Finals.
     So just remember this, all you NBA rookie analysts.  I love seeing you post.  I love seeing you support your team, even if you are super bandwagon.  And I also love when you are dead wrong, something you keep repeating over and over again, especially since I get to sit here and laugh at you even when its not my favorite team killing your dreams. Have fun watching Dallas celebrate, like these 2 below are doing right here...
(Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images)

Its time to work out, get ready for that 5 ring-in-a-row trip next year.  The rest of the NBA, guys like Kobe Bryant & Tim Duncan, they been on the weights since May...
Better skill next year...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is This Gonna Happen With Kobe Too??

Cuz I think it will...

L.A. is gonna eat this guy alive... nice choice Buss...
I bet Kobe is like...


All the homies say they want Phil back... and so does the LAnd...

Go Mavs... I hope you get one now Dirk.


Monday, May 2, 2011

So OBL is Dead

    So Osama bin Laden has finally been pronounced dead. On May Day nonetheless. The timing strikes me as interesting, yet I have to say that this event is nothing but a bad thing happening to a bad man. Since now that we can definitively say that this man is dead, when are we going to be able to address the questions surrounding his links to the Bush family or CIA for that matter? What does this mean to the Arab world? Will another head grow to take the place of UBL? Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?
  Back in my college days, I saw a great many "OBL" videos, and my friends would translate the things he said.  Now I can see things from another persons perspective just like a lot of people can; this guy was still nuts to me.  Even the moderate Muslims around me would not speak highly about what he was saying. Its my belief that these level-headed American-Middle Eastern Muslims should speak loudly about whats right to keep peace in the middle east, and maybe eliminate terrorists need to fill Usama's vacant position.
    Not that it all needs to come from Arab-Americans.  There does need to be a change worldwide, and that is why sane people like you need to start at home.  The USA used to be this bright light that the world would to strive to emulate. Now we are seen as a mass of cattle, moving in herds based on snap decisions, and consuming every "new thing" we see, click on, or experience.  I blame the internet. Then again, thats where you are reading this, so why not embrace it and hope that you get the point. 
   I rep the USA. No joke, till the day I die. Kinda like how I rep Cali, or rep the I.E., I like to think that as an American I can be proud of the things we have done in my lifetime.  And in my lifetime I have seen the world try to be like us.  We rock, they rock. We rap, they rap. Its logical to think if we went supersonic peaceful, they would want to as well. So why not clean up our house? There is still a ton of corruption inside our borders, which brings me to what I was saying in the beginning...
    Why now?  Usama bin On Dialysis since 2001, right? He has not been seen since 2002, and his audio tapes are always suspect for being falsified.  Why is there all this doubt among us when we get this kind of news, yet when there seems to be a belief in everything conspiratorial we hear?  I fall prey to this just like a lot of folks, so Im no better, yet I really wonder about things like Tim Osman, and building 7.  And it is wonder that has all these people out in front of the White House at 12:30am... not pride.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hey hoe... I told you that YOU would delete ME before I deleted YOU

I win again

Chalk up another angry hoe for SICK LOL



~*~IM OUT~*~

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Just posting a blog to let you followers know...
  • Im not dead
  • Im not in jail
  • Im not stopping blogging :)
I wont go into detail about why I havent been up on the blog-game for some months, but lets just say that there are more important things in life than money. #1 is life itself. So make sure you are loving yours, everyday.

I'll be back soon ya'll! Enjoy the new musical selections!

And for those of you STILL wondering... ~NO~ AirG Corporate has STILL not come through on their promise of a Promotional Package for Sick-Wit-It, STILL not followed through on their agreement to shape up the site from racists and prostitutes, and STILL failed to address any of the concerns brought forth in the "SUBMIT YOUR STORY" Campaign... So KEEP YOUR KIDS OFF AIRG CHATS!

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