Monday, May 2, 2011

So OBL is Dead

    So Osama bin Laden has finally been pronounced dead. On May Day nonetheless. The timing strikes me as interesting, yet I have to say that this event is nothing but a bad thing happening to a bad man. Since now that we can definitively say that this man is dead, when are we going to be able to address the questions surrounding his links to the Bush family or CIA for that matter? What does this mean to the Arab world? Will another head grow to take the place of UBL? Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?
  Back in my college days, I saw a great many "OBL" videos, and my friends would translate the things he said.  Now I can see things from another persons perspective just like a lot of people can; this guy was still nuts to me.  Even the moderate Muslims around me would not speak highly about what he was saying. Its my belief that these level-headed American-Middle Eastern Muslims should speak loudly about whats right to keep peace in the middle east, and maybe eliminate terrorists need to fill Usama's vacant position.
    Not that it all needs to come from Arab-Americans.  There does need to be a change worldwide, and that is why sane people like you need to start at home.  The USA used to be this bright light that the world would to strive to emulate. Now we are seen as a mass of cattle, moving in herds based on snap decisions, and consuming every "new thing" we see, click on, or experience.  I blame the internet. Then again, thats where you are reading this, so why not embrace it and hope that you get the point. 
   I rep the USA. No joke, till the day I die. Kinda like how I rep Cali, or rep the I.E., I like to think that as an American I can be proud of the things we have done in my lifetime.  And in my lifetime I have seen the world try to be like us.  We rock, they rock. We rap, they rap. Its logical to think if we went supersonic peaceful, they would want to as well. So why not clean up our house? There is still a ton of corruption inside our borders, which brings me to what I was saying in the beginning...
    Why now?  Usama bin On Dialysis since 2001, right? He has not been seen since 2002, and his audio tapes are always suspect for being falsified.  Why is there all this doubt among us when we get this kind of news, yet when there seems to be a belief in everything conspiratorial we hear?  I fall prey to this just like a lot of folks, so Im no better, yet I really wonder about things like Tim Osman, and building 7.  And it is wonder that has all these people out in front of the White House at 12:30am... not pride.

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