Sunday, June 12, 2011

Heat Lose... Told Ya They Wouldn't Win

    When its Game 6 of the NBA Finals, somebody's life is at stake. Maybe not literally, but your reputation is definitely on the line.  Back at the beginning of the season, the Big 3 of Miami said they would perhaps be bringing multiple championships to the city.  Perhaps that will have to wait, along with Dwayne Wade and Lebron James using the court for repairing their reputations.
    The Dallas Mavericks shattered all the bandwagon ball-hanger dreams of the "Heat fans" (aka Lebron James dick riders), not to mention the mass amount of online free press that they would have given him if the Heat would have won.  The sickest part about it was the fact that James was literally a non-existent player in every 4th quarter, watching the demise while Wade and Bosh did what he could to help the team.  The disappointment tonight was capped off when, with about 4 minutes left in the game, the Mavericks were able to get an offensive rebound and a tipped ball out-of-bounds to run about a minute and a half off the clock, and then convert a basket to build a 10 point lead that would never be in question.  James' 3 with about 1:54 left was followed by an ill advised attempt, and it seemed to me that he played as if he never wanted the pressure of the moment, a feeling that has repeated itself game after game against the Mavericks.
     I just wanted to say told ya so. :) I also just want to say that I was, and still am, amazed at the arrogance of it all.  You cant just "buy" an NBA ring.  You might be able to mirror what happened in Boston, when Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen came to join Paul Pierce to win that first year, but they weren't out there saying they were going to win 5-peats before they had played 1 NBA game together.  They were humbly excited. There was fanfare, but there was no circus.  And when they won, it was with dominance. Not muscle dunking dominance, but dominance through execution, defense, and shot-making.  And that's exactly what Dallas gave the Heat a dose of all thru the Finals.
     So just remember this, all you NBA rookie analysts.  I love seeing you post.  I love seeing you support your team, even if you are super bandwagon.  And I also love when you are dead wrong, something you keep repeating over and over again, especially since I get to sit here and laugh at you even when its not my favorite team killing your dreams. Have fun watching Dallas celebrate, like these 2 below are doing right here...
(Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images)

Its time to work out, get ready for that 5 ring-in-a-row trip next year.  The rest of the NBA, guys like Kobe Bryant & Tim Duncan, they been on the weights since May...
Better skill next year...
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