Saturday, August 25, 2012


I just want to touch on something I brought up earlier:  Remember how I said AirG keeps the female profiles up so guys keep coming back? Here's another AirG case study that lends more weight to the argument... Errica2fine4u.

Now the official AirG Terms & Conditions state that after removing your pictures and 90 days of not coming back online, AirG will remove your profile and wipe the slate clean. Here is a female profile, no picture, not much detail in the profile, 741 days since the last visit.

A couple of the cats on "her" list are still online to this day.  Maybe they should get a violation for keeping a chic on their list that ain been online in 2 years, but that just goes to show you how desperate some dudes are.  I never said it was a cruise out there for the ladies, but dayum they break their own policies to keep dudes online searching for cookies... 

Anyway, I know AirG is crooked on this stuff... AirG loves hoes... 
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