Sunday, December 23, 2012

MAYAN 2012: Into the Abyss, Full Steam Ahead

  I so enjoyed not doing anything for this Mayan calendar thing. Might I add, I also enjoyed the fact that noting really of note happened on that day. Folks still got shot. Crime was still present. But at least the super-positiveist people in the world couldnt point to a crime free day and say "See! This is the conscious revolution we were talking about!"


   More than a conscious revolution, or if you prefer, a revolution of the collective consciousness, I would like to see more of a Realist Revolution. One where people in mass point to a problem that has been going on for years and stab the glaring truth right in the eye-socket.  I'm tired of all these debates that are completely controlled and only have one of two outcomes, liberal or conservative. I hate the war between the right and the left. Its so stupid. Gun control, for example, is hot in the press right now in the wake of the Connecticut shooting.  Now they call it "Terrorism", or more directly DOMESTIC TERRORISM, but the sad truth is that crazy muthafukkas shooting up public places is very commonplace in the history of these United States. Was it terrorism back then? I thought they called it Communism, because that was the word that motivated more Americans back in those days. Matter of fact, if you go back even further, some of the shootings that went on in this country were DEFINITELY called terrorism, but the fact is, the Founding Fathers WON and History, at least in this country, records them as "Revolutionaries."

   Personally I doubt highly that there was a Muslim-related storyline in Connecticut, but it doesn't stop the media from asking the question on live broadcasts, because hey that's an angle that should be explored to its furthest end right? lol  I mean, we are all watching, waiting for them to tell us the truth, arent we?

  Maybe like Hillary Clinton and the investigation into the Benghazi shooting, we are too sick to testify.

Get yo ass outta bed Hillary!
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