Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Banging Out Material

So we have more podcasts in the bag!  We are going for a new year release,  sometime in January though we don't have a release date chosen yet. Nor a name for the show, but hey... don't companies usually name their products last? I know some don't, especially these tech companies who make new apps every hour on the hour, but I think not having a name yet is a good thing.

Speaking of names, I'm considering changing the Twitter handle I have to something different. I LIKE the name, even tho it has an airg in it, just because of the rich and fervent history I have with it. I'm SICK-WIT-IT on airg, nobody can take that our diminish it in any way, yet I dunno if I want to stick wit it or not. Gotta be 100%...

BTW, if u didn't know, my Twitter handle is @SICKWITITairg. Lol.

So next up is more recording in 2 weeks. I'm excited for the new year and can't wait to see what it brings. Hopefully the lights stay on until then! Lol

Keep Up!

P.S. >> If any of my followers out there have some drawing ability or photoshop chops, we are looking for someone to draw us a logo for the show. Or draw us as caricatures as a logo. Think Bit-stripsy, we want some mass appeal. Get at me on Twitter or email me:

P.S.S.>>> The guy in the back of this pic, I get how u feel...

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