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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Topics for next recording

Most romantic language on earth?
Worst language on earth?
What's better, a terrible parent or someone who is 40 with no kids?
How long should it take for someone to be creative? Forced creativity.
Was the Malaysian Airlines jet the other Malaysian Airlines jet that disappeared completely?

These are all thoughts I have had while crapping this week.

Rip James Garner... what was his best movie? I liked him in Maverick opposite Mel Gibson.

I'll be posting more random thoughts later.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Eternal Truths

" The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." 


Sometimes you have to admit that you are wrong. And not just kinda wrong, partly wrong, but completely WRONG. Its natural. Its human. It's part of everyone's growth process I guess.  Like you can't become an adult until you admit being in the desert on a bright cold night in shorts and a tee shirt. And how you not only looked like an idiot, shivering, you appeared ill prepared, and everyone at least once in life goes thru something like this. Well, I had mine. A couple times.

This most recent one I won't describe here. I'll save it for the mic sometime so everyone can hear the testimony rather than just read it and feel some type of way about it. Also to admit, I am wrong, and human, sometimes. Jazu, I get ur point.

So catch up if you must...


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I Pissed My GF Off on Purpose Today

I have to say, this feels great. My lady is wonderful don't get me wrong, but like many men I tire of feeling like what I tell her goes unlistened to or glazed over. I also dislike when the point I'm making is belittled by an inferior, pointless argumentative detail, so pointless that when I address it, it makes my girl retreat to silent land, probably as a tactic just to get me to give in. But this time in the name of chivalry and chivalrous men everywhere, it's time to put my foot down.

So why do men say things they don't mean just to hurt someone? I can tell you. Yes some of it is transfer of emotion. Well hell almost all of it can be called a transfer of emotion, yet I wouldn't say it is completely a "transfer" per se. Sometimes the emotions are from the past, and they may or may not have been present at the beginning of the incident. Now it may be the nature of the argument or even perhaps some unrealized gesture that was executed, but the main thing a man is trying to do when he pisses you off intentionally is to get you to know the level of anger you once incited in him. No matter how it went down he wanted you to know how it felt to be THAT angry. That's what I just did, and it feels GREAT to know she is mad right now.

I'm not going to tell you what our argument was over. In all reality it doesn't matter one bit who was right and who was wrong. I will readily admit that when my girl and I argue I say things I don't mean a lot, yet that does not mean that she is excused for her actions just because I chose to fuck up freely. There are still actions to be held accountable for, and when you are dealing with a man, ladies please take note that we too know exactly what we can and can't get away with, just like you do.

So if you are left wondering why your man went off so hard on you for something trivial, ask yourself how that fight really went down. Were you acting out one of his pet peeves? Was this over money? Was he asking something of you that you refuse to give in to? Did you speak too soon? To late? Are you too clingy? Not listening?  If you have answered "no" to any and all possibilities out there:

He prolly did it for some make up sex.

Be good & give it to him!

See you when you calm down honey! I still feel great!

One love,
~$ ï €~


Monday, December 2, 2013

So I Signed Up A Bitcoin Wallet

I did it. After all these years watching Warcraft buddies talk about it, I finally signed up for a Bitcoin wallet. You can now send me B$...

I can't find the Bitcoin symbol on my android. Maybe that's a good sign. Anyway...

I haven't really thought about what I could sell for Bitcoin payments, and that is cool. I'm never really selling anything anyway, but if people want tee shirts, I can get u T-Shirts. Hell, maybe one of my long-time followers and/or trolls could send me a coin just for giving people straight talk for the last 5 years WITHOUT looking to monetize this place.

Wow. Its been a while.

So I guess when the podcast is up next year, advertisers can slide me a coin or two when they want their ads run. I'm not against running a segment with an ad or two. Until then, I'll just have dreams of having a good idea like this guy.

Send me anything, I'm grateful.
Happy Holidays

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