Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Something for U Russell Simmons Protege's

She's the best,
and the rest of you breasts are just tryin to be compliant,
in the end defilant,
kamikaze pilots that cheat,
never to be counted on for the quality of yall meat,
salmonilla, aids,
whatever shorty go redo your braids,
I'm playin spades and layin shade to all insane bleeding membranes,
my wifey be the one who keep me sane,
cuz lame dymepieces are all the same,
all booty no fuckin brain,
she hard like Eastwood and Wayne,
magical like Blaine she puts her thoughs to paper poetically,
sends signals phonetically,
sparks my inspiration intellectually, and perpetually takes a social outkast like me and to the n'th degree stretches me,
the corners of my universe have her dust in'em,
for not longer do we be sin'n, out and innin, finishin with wicked grinnin'
this sex should be forbidden
but your body is my new religion.
you, you, you.
Got me on tilt like a 300 lb man on stilts
baby when my body withers and wilts
I want to be wrapped in one of your quilts,
loved to the hilt, happy,
with what we built.

Ya stank bitches...

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