Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to Get on AirG Chat from Your Computer

Since I get asked this alot while I am on AirG chat I decided it was time to tell people how to directly get on AirG chat from your computer.  I mean its not rocket science or anything... it is actually very easy to get on AirG chat from your desktop or laptop computer, you just have to do a few simple things...  

FIRST ~~ >> You have to log on to the internet. If you are reading this, you accomplished this first step. Good job. Now using whatever browser you like, go to and download firefox.  If you already have Firefox you can skip this step. Otherwise, download & install. Its free!

NEXT ~~ >> Run Firefox.  Go to this web address and install the WAP add On "XHTML Mobile Profile 0.5.3."  This will allow your version of Firefox to read XHTML.

THEN ~~ >> Install another add-on. Go to and install the "Quick Preference Button 0.1.8."  This will allow you to emulate the same settings as other browsers.

NOW ~~ >>  Open your "Prefs" menu and track down to where you see "Spoof." Highlight "Spoof"and select "Keep Out" as the browser you would like to emulate. You are now ready to chat on AirG!
LAST ~~ >> Go to this web address to log-on to your account. You should see the normal AirG that you usually see on your phone.

Welcome to AirG Chat on your Computer

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