Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Check out this link:


1) First turn your computer or laptop & launch ur normal web browser. If you don't have Firefox as your browser, download the newest version by following the instructions at

2) Download the User Agent Switcher 0.7.2 at this web address

3) Once you have downloaded & installed the above links, open up ur browser. Go to the tools button on ur toolbar, switch from the DEFAULT USER to Iphone3.0 user. You may have to un-hide this option by clicking on Firefox Add-Ons and locating the User Agent Switcher itself, and un-checking the "Hide" box.

4) Then go to:

5) Sign into AirG like you normally would using your normal Screen name and password & CHAT AWAY!

Hope it works!

Friday, July 30, 2010


So apparently, pending an "investigation," the screenname ~*~SICK-WIT-IT~*~ has been banned indefinitely from AirG chat & services.  I got banned about 2 weeks ago now, when I noticed I could no longer log in as I typically have done over the last 6-8 years. I just got off the phone with AirG a couple minutes ago and this is what they told me:
  • I am permanently banned
  • They do not have a reason why, but I am banned nonetheless
  • As for STEREOTYPICAL, that screenname is not banned
Now  I recorded the majority of the call just in case anyone wants to hear what the customer service rep had to say (or if you wanted to hear what I had to say to them).  I was considering immediately publishing it on the web, but I think I will give AirG some time to figure out if they want to keep their #1 active member off the site or if they want to come to their senses and just let me do what I do since its not really that malicious anyway. I mean seriously, there is enough online prostitution and racism on their site that they could use their efforts in more productive areas, but hey, if they want to investigate/justify their banning of me, I will definitely let the public know about how they like to repress a person's 1st amendment rights by hiding behind ICANN precedents.  Not only did they change my password, they are actually blocking STEREOTYPICAL forum threads from being viewed publicly in the "General Discussion" areas of the Forum.  Nice job Mods... you just made it plainly clear that you have singled me out.

So the struggle with Big Brother continues. Not only am I not that surprised that they do not have a reason charted for my ban, I am not that amazed that they left my profile up for you all to see.  I mean dayum, YOU CAN STILL COMMENT ON MY PROFILE!  So please, love me or hate me, leave me a comment on my SICK-WIT-IT profile. If you support the 1st amendment / free speech or you just hate my opinion in general, I cant moderate it at all, so trust me it will stay up there, for better or for worse! Guess Im married to AirG now!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


     I dont kno why AirG even posts their "" email address as an option when someone has a problem with their mobile website, seeing as how I have written support COUNTLESS times and I have yet to receive a NON-CANNED response.  I mean seriously all I ever see coming from this address is some sort of pre-formed message that never has anything to do with the topic of my initiated message.  You write AirG about the rampant racism going on in the forums, they send back a sentence about how you have been banned for security purposes.  You write AirG about being locked out of access, they dont even write back PERIOD. You write AirG a concise message about how USERS can help monitor the website using programming that AirG has already has in place, still, THEY DONT WRITE BACK PERIOD.
     I know AirG has a lot going on, seeing as how they are actively trying to be ~THE~ place for mobile chatting, but I have been a user for the last 8+ years and I have yet to see any progress in the area for which they need to be the most active... RESPONDING TO THEIR USER COMPLAINTS.  I mean, is AirG not a website for the people? Is AirG not trying to help change the landscape of their own chat community? Is AirG just trying to bump membership by creating fake profiles that nobody ever uses just so the numbers look better to would-be investors? I dont know, and its not like they write back very often for me to find out. All I do know is, I see a lot more people trying to do what I have already done, help people chat for free.

I found this on one of the other poser posts:
AirG is also known by the following other names on a number of major mobile carriers and pay-as-you-go mobile cell phone services: Virgin Vibe, Boost Hookt, Hookt, Mon Ami, Air Date, Orange Lounge, Friendz, myFriendz, Friends, Games Lobby Lounge, Sports Lounge, Latino Lounge, Friends Lounge, The Lounges, Globe Friends, Addict Lounge, Smart Friends, Smart Buddies Lounge, Blue Lounge/Salon Bleu, Amp'd Chat, MTV Loveline, TELUS Chat Central, Xtra Lounge, Café Chat, Phat Chat, Phat Lounge, Amp'd Lounge, Love Me Love Me Not, CoolTalk, Coolchat, 3 Lounge, HOT Talk, Rainbow Room, The Lounge, v.Lounge, airG Chat, C-Lounge, Conexion Latina, Sports Chat, Games Room, Green Room, Red Light Lounge, Salon Latino, Chat Central,,,,, Cool Pics, airG Chat, Nuestra Comunidad, airG Chat en Español, Conexion Ideas.

     Now you tell me... is a business that goes by SO MANY different names really trying to be transparent, or are they just trying to be a parent?  And if they are trying to parent, would they be a good one like Bill Cosby, or a bad one, like, say, Mel Gibson?

Ill let you decide...
By the way, Im still locked out...


Saturday, July 3, 2010


I was mistaken tho... the Palazzo "new pool" was actually the Lake in front of the Wynn (the glowing blue body of water you see), I just didnt learn that until the morning when you could see it :)

What a nice 5 day weekend... I love Vegas!

Monday, June 14, 2010

So Im gonna DJ my boy's wedding...

...anyone have any clean versions or radio edits they would like to share? Im open to some help here, seeing as how I only really download songs that have adult content...

Thanks in Advance

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I accept it...
...get your exclusive tee's from me.

One by one, get it done.


Monday, April 19, 2010


Yes, Im writing a blog about haters.


But I dont want this to be just another blog post about haters. I would rather lay out to you, my readers, a qualitative analysis of haters. Im stating that hating in society has become needed on some levels as a basic form of survival while the perception of "hate" in society has gone from "basic human emotion" to "red flag/possible problematic person ahead/avoid at all costs". Thus one must look at the actions of haters with a keen eye and measure them individually against a classic scale.

You can call this the scale.

As we all know, haters proliferate the world we live in.  Seems like everyday I see another hater hating their way thru the day.  I got hated on 20 minutes ago when I got breakfast from Carl's Jr... the lady must have been having a bad morning but she didnt want to give up that extra Ranch or BBQ sauce without a little hating, but hey, hate hate on baby....

Now I like to cut people breaks on that sort of stuff. Like I said, she could have had a bad morning. The little hating I can take.  Its the larger, more significant forms of hating that cannot go un-addressed. This is where I started thinking that with the level of hating that goes on today there actually have to be different levels of haters.

Now that you know the thesis, lets clear up some thought processes and definitions.

According to the top vote getters on  Urban Dictionary,  a hater is/can be:
"A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success."
"A person who feels anger and/or jealousy for someone who has succeeded in something they have worked hard for"
"A label applied to people who are more negative than positive when discussing another person. It most commonly refers to individuals whose negativity is so extreme that it is all-consuming."
 That last definition goes on to elude to the varieties and levels of hating and haters, yet does nothing to define them. In my mind, there are 5 Levels of Haters: haters that were taught to hate, haters that choose to hate, haters that grew to hate, haters that lie, and finally haters that do (and are) all of the above.

The haters that hate you to your face simply because they are jealous and envious are your basic level 1 haters. Most of the time those people grew up around a Level 2 or Level 3 hater that never let an opportunity pass them by to pass down their hater ways.  These are your basic racists, reverse-racists, gender-haters (man & woman), status haters, clothing haters, car haters etc etc...  Typically, these are people who dont have shit, never really were gonna be shit, aint shit to you any dayum way, so shit on them by acting like they dont matter. 

Someone that hates online, in an office or some other form of community (like a church), thats your level 2 hater. These haters are ones that know how hating can stunt the growth of any group effort, yet use hating to their advantage for some sort of short-term personal benefit.  Haters like this tend to deny or bury the existence of their hate, only sometimes realizing later that their level of hate is deeper than a Level 1, yet only for a mere instant, for they are typically too stupid to retain a magnanimous thought for any measurable amount of time.   Ever seen a drunk have a moment of clarity, realizing they are about to become an alcoholic? Only the smart ones seem to make it out huh... The rest take another shot and give a fuck less.

The only difference between a Level 2 and a Level 3 hater is the ability for Level 3 haters to recover. Some Level 2 haters drop the bullshit and actually make a conscious effort to stop hating.  Level 3 haters, since they have grown into the hate they live with, are more the type to wallow in that hate and never come out. Most stay in that mode forever, seeing their life as the sum of the experiences they endure, rather than continue to hope that there is a better world out there for them to aspire to.  Another reason to be very weary of a Level 3 hater.  Remember, it matters not what Level of hater you are confronted by, only that you recognize it and take the appropriate action.

Level 4 haters are in their own special category because I just have such a passion for people who back up their statements with lies. This is like the guy who is clowning on someone for wearing something bootlegg, knowing damm  well his clothes are bootlegg.  Or another personal favorite, the racist white man with a asian wife. Its just such a walking contradiction that Level 4 haters get to be put in a more ignorant place than a female Level 3 hater who hates all men because she has been divorced 3 times w/3 kids & no support payments coming in. 

Which brings us to the Level 5 hater.  This is someone you have to respect. No joke a Level 5 hater has to spend so much time hating that you actually have to step back and take it all in. You will be in awe over the amount of hate they can produce, swear to god its almost inspiring.  These people will hate on dead folks, disabled people, retards, even young children. A shameless Level 5 hater thus must be worth at minimum your respect, not only cuz they are top dogg amongst haters, they dont give a fuck & will hate on anything for no reason!  Rush Limbaugh I see you!!


Now that we have established the different levels of hate, lets look at the overall level of hate in society. To get a grasp on it I will outline a simple model on how hate is introduced from one person to another, thus growing the circle of hate, and how that growth is known to be exponential.

It used to be called "gossip," and all gossip was spoken from one person to the next. Still, even when the stories had to be told in 1-on-1 situations, "the word" about folks still spread like wildfire.  Now, instead of just spoken, gossip can be texted, voicemailed, e-mailed, tweeted, re-tweeted, status'd, even blogged & printed.  Hollywood paparazzi literally feed their loved ones on the gossip that the "superstars" provide. Just think about that for a can literally eat food because Lindsay Lohan went off the wagon for a night & made out with a girl... and daddy was there to catch all the highlights... whatta world... lol

I think it is safe to say that "haterism" in 2010 is at an all-time high.

(to be continued...)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A new toy...

Ya like? lol

See you on the dance floor...

Thursday, March 4, 2010



Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hey, it's me again.

The guy who spent Valentine's weekend with your girl.

I know its not that cool to talk to you, but Im trying to make a change for 2010. No longer will I shun the gameless for not knowing.  Imma try to do my part to help you cats figure out how to keep your female.  Consider it a public service, since obviously some of you need help.


There are a great many things women tell me about their men from the confidence of my bedroom.  Though those things pale in comparison to the acts of lunacy I witness you guys commit first-hand.  Remember, I'm with your girl every time you aren't.  And if you don't believe it, you know for a fact that its not me, or "your girl is not the cheating type," just know that (A)... if you commit some of the follies I list here I prolly have not met her yet and its only a matter of time, and (B)... if its not me, the other guy and I probably share a lot of commonalities and they would agree that these type of boyfriends usually sabotage their own relationships... sometimes without knowing it.

Then we get your "quality time". 
 You get the couch.

Here are the top 5 ways you can run your girl into my arms...

1) Smothering

If you are one of those guys that is trying to be around your girl 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, 366 days a leap year, get it through your head right now... you are suffocating your female.  She needs her alone time too.  Follow me here... once a woman starts enjoying her away games more than her home games, she will start to think about moving the team... and much like the city of Seattle you will be left with an empty arena while I have court-side seats to your girl's amateur night on the pole in Oklahoma City.  Catch my drift?

I was with this girl whose man called 46 times in 6 hours and sent 22 texts.  Now you may say "SICK, MAYBE HE KNEW YOU 2 WERE TOGETHER & THATS WHY HE WAS CALLING & TEXTING SO MUCH!" <<~~Well if that is the case any real man who knew his woman was with me would spend less time dialing & more time packing up his shit at the house.  And if there was no house to move out of, the real man would be sexting the new bitch not texting the old one.  So no. He was tryna handcuff a girl who knew how to pick locks.

 2) Ignoring

This is the one I see the most often, mainly because out in that jungle we call the dating world, the females are the Needapotamus'. They need attention, they need time.  Guys, you know what kind of woman you have.  If your woman wants to be all up under you, and you can't handle it, you have a tough decision to make.  To me, ain't nuthin wrong with being willingly pussy-whipped, long as you are there by choice, not because you lack the knowledge of your options.  Just know though, when you slack, and she is not getting her attention tank topped off, she will have something to complain about, and if it means pussy I have no problem listening to your girl complain about you while she gets her fill of me.

3) Cheating

This one is self explanatory. If you play the game, play the game fair. That way when you get caught there are no hard feelings.  And if your girl is cheating with me and ur still with her, ask yourself if you are genuinely happy at home.  If you are, shut the fuck up and gimmie daps when you see me.  Matter of fact cover half them hotel costs lol...

4) Boring

Lately I am seeing a lot more of this, prolly because of the recession and times are tighter.  But thats women for you.  Most all of them are just trying to have fun, and its no fun hanging out with someone who is broke & cant afford to go anywhere.  This is where your imagination is directly proportionate to your amount of game.  

If you can keep a female entertained with no money in your pockets, having it will essentially mean nothing. Plus, women tend to fall for a man's mannerisms anyway, meaning if you are creative and cool you will beat out some rich douchebagg any day of the week. Not me though, so stay creative.

5) Annoying

Annoying, much like smothering, is a very simple thing to understand.  When you are talking to your girl on the phone and she is giving you hints that she would rather be doing something else, yet you stay on the phone, chances are you are annoying her.  Maybe not smothering her but definitely annoying her.  If you are in person and you keep asking for permission, saying please, asking her what she would like to do, all while she keeps looking off into the distance, images of greased up men on white sandy beaches dancing in her head, you need to take the hint and get back to what you were doing when you 2 first hooked up.  She started dating you for the man you were, not the man you have become.  Get back to being interesting, or I will get your girl on her  back by being interesting... ya diiig?

Well thats it.

If you need further help, holla!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Long Live Conan O'Brien

Best way he could have closed out his run...

...luckily this bird you cannot change...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

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