Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Censorship in 2011

     So here is a screenshot of a forum thread my girl made.  And below is what it got her.

     I guess AirG VIP is a "touchy topic" these days.  I guess it should be too, seeing as how my girl got temporarily banned for her opinion about an hour ago, and I got permanently banned for my opinion 5 days ago.  I wonder what the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms section 2(b) would have to say... oh wait... I dont have to.
     Now if you dont want to read that link, it basically says Canada has the same thing the 1st Amendment guarantees.  I know most people who read my blog are American anyways. Happy 5th of July btw... I hope your hangover is as ample as mine :)
     Back to the issue, you cant just ban someone temporarily, then building on to permanently, on a website.  Its considered harassment. Especially when this same site permanently allows use by hookers, drug users, sex addicts, inmates, teenagers and some not-so teenagers.  I can think of another product that got sued for promoting itself to be used by cool & hip young people, was highly addictive, and had lethal side-effects.  I guess time will have to tell on the last one though, since the internet is not as old enough for quantified long-term analysis as say, cigarettes.
     Not that I would sue AirG either.  I would really just like to know why my opinion is so hated by this company, just as much as they would probably want to know why I have such a hard-on for their website.  But hey, if there are any Constitutional Attorneys that would like to hear more on this, feel free to contact me... lol
Here's looking at you kiiid!


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