Saturday, August 25, 2012


I just want to touch on something I brought up earlier:  Remember how I said AirG keeps the female profiles up so guys keep coming back? Here's another AirG case study that lends more weight to the argument... Errica2fine4u.

Now the official AirG Terms & Conditions state that after removing your pictures and 90 days of not coming back online, AirG will remove your profile and wipe the slate clean. Here is a female profile, no picture, not much detail in the profile, 741 days since the last visit.

A couple of the cats on "her" list are still online to this day.  Maybe they should get a violation for keeping a chic on their list that ain been online in 2 years, but that just goes to show you how desperate some dudes are.  I never said it was a cruise out there for the ladies, but dayum they break their own policies to keep dudes online searching for cookies... 

Anyway, I know AirG is crooked on this stuff... AirG loves hoes... 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It's nice to see that instead of contacting me to let me know that my account was terminated and scheduled to be deleted, AirG just let the time run out on my bann, and my s/n went into limbo for a while until it was ultimately removed.  "A bittersweet ending to a long-lived and lively personality," is probably something they thought.


Unlike the fake-girl profiles that KEEP muthafukkas chatting on AirG, they REALLY WANTED TO DELETE YA BOY'S PROFILE.  See, those fake girl pro's, guys keep trying to ADD them.  Guys ADD and ADD and ADD until they maxx out our friendslist... which basically takes a while... keeping AirG in the money.  THAT IS WHY AIRG DOESNT DELETE THOSE PROFILES. You see it all the time right on the pro...."Online 333 days ago" lol.  Even tho it says in the AirG Terms & Conditions, "We reserve the right to terminate your access to all or any part of the Service if you do not log onto your account for 90 days," they usually don't, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE FEMALE. It also states that for YOU to terminate your account, you must remove, "all related information, files and Content associated with or inside your account or user profile," before they delete your SN and password. Well for me, they didn't do all that. Its been WAAAY more than 90 days... but...


You can catch me on the most ORIGINAL screen name ever created on this website, clowning like usual, bullying all the bullies, embarassing AirG for promoting itself to children yet allowing prostitution to go on in public chatrooms, laughing at online thugs who want to chat about the felonies they desire to commit. Imma be there till my Facebook and Twitter accounts keep me more occupied than the website join me all over...

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