Monday, October 8, 2012

"Chorizo" Will Get You Banned

   Since you know I'm all about freedom of speech, here is another example of how the imbecilic folks at AirG are tormenting and harassing members just because of our understanding of cultural tastes and our expansive vocabularies. Now understand, I know that the word "chorizo" can be used as slang for the male member-parts, yet we members who chat on AirG have been having to find replacement words for what we would normally say ever since the Community Patrol Program has been in effect. Obviously you cant curse.  You can't say "blunt." So just add this word to the long list of things you will have to omit if you don't want to experience a time-out while trolling.  This is hilarious too, since its the kids who are inventing new words to use when cracking on people, yet the kids are the justification for having the community patrol in the first place!!  And they still allow whores to spam their chats..... Oh well.  Say goodbye to using Latino-slang to replace English words...

By the way, I just watched "We Are Legion"... a movie about the internet group "Anonymous" and how they started on the 4chan boards... if only the readership and interest on AirG were a QUARTER of what 4chan has.... you might see me as an Anon soon! lol

Long Live Complete Freedom of Speech

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