Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On Dabs...

Wax hits. Cloud Catchers. Sap Dabs. Nails. Dabbaholics. G-Pens. Dabb Heads. Handheld Blowtorches. Dab City Bitch Dabb Dabb City Bitch.  All this bullshit needs to slow down a little bit before we get sooooo far ahead of ourselves, society needs to take action.

Now you all know I believe in the freedoms of this country, and one of those freedoms SHOULD BE that we are able to choose what type of treatment we want when it comes to what will and wont harm us. Therefore, weed should be legal. The problem then becomes that at what level of legality should people be allowed to operate when engaging in this federally outlawed area?

On Tuesday, voters in Los Angeles put a measure through that regulates the number of collectives operating within city limits from 500 to 135, and I for one am a bit surprised by the vote.  Seeing as how low the crime rate has fallen since medical marijuana has been legal in the state since 1999, regulating the number of collectives is merely an attempt to make it easier to collect when it comes to tax time.  Beyond that fact, the manner in which it was proposed to voters bothers me some, seeing as how there were 3 separate measures on the same ballot dealing with the issue. Its like having a "Small-Medium-Large" choice when it came to how much regulation people wanted, and when it comes to regulation in Los Angeles people invariably choose medium, not because they think it is the most sound of the 3, but because they are such fucking lemmings that they figure that "medium is best" even if the issue is a true NON-ISSUE.

To me, the issue (sorry Dabb Heads), is concentrates. Weed itself, as well as dispensaries/collectives, should not be regulated or taxed until this country has taken Marijuana off of category 1 status on the ONDCP list of outlawed substances.  I mean you cant tax cocaine right? But if they allowed cocaine to be legal in a state for medical purposes, you can bet that the Federal Govt might allow that state to COLLECT a tax, but they would not let them appropriate the funds for anything.  Its just hypocrisy, and I for one would not want it to be in the medical marijuana arena. Not yet at least.

Which brings me back again to dabbing. I have tried it, and I can say that I enjoy it, but not at the cost of flowers themselves being outlawed again in my lifetime. And without flowers, my dabbed out friends, wax cannot be made, and you are now out of a supply line. So think a bit before you go out there promoting this lifestyle to everyone. I know its cool to be on the "new thing" and all, but when FOX 11 News is running stories about wax, you better pay attention to how it is received.  It was the same with hash, a concentrate I truly love with all my heart, especially on vacation, but I would never risk the ability to smoke weed for the ability to smoke hash.  Its just going too far, too soon. So I tell all you "cool people" who are smoking dabs to think about the lifestyle you are promoting, because it may cost all of us here in the Sunshine state the freedom to go to a park and smoke a joint.

Watch ur shit folks

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