Monday, December 2, 2013

So I Signed Up A Bitcoin Wallet

I did it. After all these years watching Warcraft buddies talk about it, I finally signed up for a Bitcoin wallet. You can now send me B$...

I can't find the Bitcoin symbol on my android. Maybe that's a good sign. Anyway...

I haven't really thought about what I could sell for Bitcoin payments, and that is cool. I'm never really selling anything anyway, but if people want tee shirts, I can get u T-Shirts. Hell, maybe one of my long-time followers and/or trolls could send me a coin just for giving people straight talk for the last 5 years WITHOUT looking to monetize this place.

Wow. Its been a while.

So I guess when the podcast is up next year, advertisers can slide me a coin or two when they want their ads run. I'm not against running a segment with an ad or two. Until then, I'll just have dreams of having a good idea like this guy.

Send me anything, I'm grateful.
Happy Holidays

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